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Batik SVG Plugin - 2D Graphics In XML

What is Luxor's Batik SVG Plugin?

Luxor's Batik SVG Plugin lets you spice up your XUL app with high-end 2D graphics in XML. Example:

   <caption label="First Impression: SVG In Action: Circle Example" />	 
   <svg width="500" height="500">
    <g style="fill-opacity:0.7; stroke:black; stroke-width:0.1cm;">
       <circle cx="6cm" cy="2cm" r="100" style="fill:red;" 
                     transform="translate(0,50)" />
       <circle cx="6cm" cy="2cm" r="100" style="fill:blue;"  
                     transform="translate(70,150)" />
       <circle cx="6cm" cy="2cm" r="100" style="fill:green;" 

Plug It In, Plug It In. To add the Batik SVG Plugin to your very own app register the new svg tag by adding a tagdef to your Luxor configuration stored in the config directory in your app's chrome directory tree. Example:

  <tagdef name="svg" class="luxor.plugin.SvgCanvasDef" skipbody="true" />

Note, that you also need to add the batik-plugin.jar and all Batik jars to your classpath or Web Start XML startup file.

What is SVG (Scalable Vector Grahpics)?

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What is Batik?

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